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Broth - Chicken | Beef | Naked Beef - 90g
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  $38 per pack – select flavour below $4.22 / 10g (Serving size 3g | No. serves = 30) VERSATILE, EASY TO USE  |  NO ADDITIVES, FLAVOURS OR COLOURS Broths have been used in the diet...
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$38 per pack – select flavour below

$4.22 / 10g (Serving size 3g | No. serves = 30)


Broths have been used in the diet for centuries all over the world.  From Jewish penicillin (chicken soup), to Mayan Sopa de Lima, to Korean Seolleongtang and the French who use stock as the base for many of their sauces. Our slow dried certified organic grass-fed beef and free-range chicken broths are a delicious staple you can include in your diet wherever you are.


* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free

Our story... why we source and supply Broth

Cyndi was brought up on a traditional home cooked diet which always included broths.  Whilst learning anthropology, Cyndi discovered that it is believed that we have been making broth or stew for a few million years.  Cyndi still includes home-made broths in her diet but as she regularly travels nationally and internationally, she wanted a convenient, portable form of broth that she could easily use to make a hot drink or include in her meals while in transit.  Our dehydrated broths are provided in pouches and sourced from a small independent Australian company that only uses organic products and specialises in just broths.

It is believed that broth and stews have been a part of the diet for millions of years.  Explorers said that Native Americans would drink copious amounts and it was believed they preferred it to water.  Every continent uses broth in their diet in some form, from Eastern European Borsch, to Asian soups, to the French using it as a base for most sauces.  Broth is very versatile and adds a rich flavour to soup and meals.

Our broth is made from organic grass-fed beef or organic free-range chickens and organic vegetables.  The bones are simmered for a minimum of 24 hours for chicken and 48 hours for the beef to allow the minerals to be extracted from the bones.  No additives, preservatives or colours are added.  The broth is then slow-dried to granules to make it easy to transport.  So wherever you are, you can enjoy the benefits of broth.  Nothing is added to the broth during the drying process.

Making broth is a slow process, our broths are made the traditional way so you can have all the benefits of a traditional broth without the work and on the move!


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