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Barbell Beef Biltong - 70g and 200g


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  (70g pack = 35g of protein  / 200g pack = 94g of protein) 2 Sizes:  70g and 200g | 2 Flavours: Benchmark and The Burn ORGANIC| GRASS-FED BEEF | HIGH PROTEIN | TWO GREAT...
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(70g pack = 35g of protein  / 200g pack = 94g of protein)

2 Sizes:  70g and 200g | 2 Flavours: Benchmark and The Burn


Biltong is a traditional South African food, where large beef steaks are marinated in vinegar, spiced and then hung to air dry in a controlled environment at ambient temperatures. The result? A soft, tender high protein real food snack! The guys at Barbell Biltong have never been fans of preservatives, sugars and other bad stuff. This means their Barbell Beef Biltong, in line with the Changing Habits philosophy, contains no preservatives, colours or additives. The ‘Benchmark Flavour’ is the original flavour and the ‘Burn Flavour’ includes chilli, providing a medium heat!


* Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Egg Free

Rory and Luke Rathbone grew up wild on the lush South African coast. For the past decade, they have gratefully called Australia home. They quickly fell in love with the Australian bush and would often embark on camping trips with best mates Tom and Matt.

The four shared a passion for health, movement and the outdoors and needed a healthy and convenient source of protein to fuel their adventures. They looked everywhere for a real food that would do the job, but everything they found was artificial or packed with preservatives and sugar. Not wanting to settle for less, they drew on the wisdom of their African ancestors to make biltong. Steaks were marinated, spiced and hung to dry in their granny's old cupboard. A few days later and they could not stop smiling (and chewing!) - their biltong was such a hit that requests started flooding in - and so it was that Barbell Biltong was born.

Barbell Biltong aspire to produce the world's healthiest biltong for athletes, adventurers and health enthusiasts who are mindful of what they consume.

It takes 10 days to dry their biltong to perfection and no heat is used to cook the meat during this process. During this time, the steaks lose most of their weight from water evaporation and at least 2.6kg of organic grass-fed Australian beef is used to make 1kg of Barbell Biltong. What's left is a convenient and dense source of protein that tastes great.


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