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Paleo Toasted Muesli Multi Pack
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CURRENT EXPIRY DATE IS 27/08/2019 Pack includes 3 single 500g bags  $4.00 / 100g (Serving size 30g | No. serves =48) ORGANIC  |  GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE  |  NO PROCESSED SUGAR OR SWEETENERS  |  PERFECT...
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Pack includes 3 single 500g bags 
$4.00 / 100g (Serving size 30g | No. serves =48)


This organic Paleo Toasted Muesli is the perfect addition for busy families and people who are looking for a quick, nourishing breakfast and/or snack throughout the day. A delicious blend of gently roasted nuts, seeds, coconut and spices. 

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*Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Grain Free

Our story... why we developed organic Paleo Toasted Muesli

At Changing Habits, we love to create and provide nourishing, healthy recipes of what you can make with our products. We receive many emails from busy parents and people who tell us ‘I just don’t have the time to do that ….. could you make that up for me’. So we listened to you and Tarnea, Cyndi’s daughter who has developed the Changing Habits organic Paleo Toasted Muesli, using many of the Changing Habits ingredients. There was a lot of trial and error in getting the right mix of ingredients, consistency and flavour, and  we believe we now have a winning formula.  Cyndi enjoyed the paleo toasted muesli so much, she wanted to add it to the Changing Habits product range. Like all our products, it’s been tested on everyone at the office and is a real winner.



Muesli, which is normally made of oats, fruits, nuts and seeds, was developed by a Swiss physician for patients in hospital. It has been a part of the European culture for many years.  With the popularity of breakfast cereals in the 1960’s, packaged muesli became a common item in stores.   Many of these packaged mueslis can contain preservatives, emulsifiers and flavours.   Changing Habits organic Paleo Toasted Muesli is gluten and grain free as well as free from preservatives, emulsifiers, processed sugars and flavours… making this a healthy addition to your diet. 

The mixture of nuts, seeds, coconut and chia seeds supply your body with protein and healthy fats to help sustain you through the morning.  The addition of cinnamon helps your body to stabilise your blood sugar.  The chia seeds and dates give you a natural source of fibre.  All of the ingredients contain a range of minerals, making it a delicious, healthy choice.

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